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Julie Calidonio

Lawyer Mother Author

Julie Calidonio is a part-time lawyer/writer and full-time mother of three.  The Bittersweet Spot is her debut book. Check out some of her featured writings and author info below.


Julie Calidonio

Background Story

She's the daughter of a kick ass father and an inspiring mother, wife to a loving and supportive husband, legal aid attorney, and mother to three children, including a type 1 diabetic son. 

She had always wanted to write, and during the pandemic she drafted her first novel The Bittersweet Spot. The book is a fictionalized adaptation loosely based on her experiences, but amplified with a touch of the absurd. (She really does have tiny ankles like her protagonist Cali, but most everything else is fiction.) She recently had several articles published in Scary Mommy, which highlight her comedic yet poignant writing style.

As an advocate for the JDRF, she also hopes to bring awareness to the rising costs of insulin and other diabetic supplies. #insulinforall


The Bittersweet Spot

Coming Soon

The Bittersweet Spot is the first book from Julie Calidonio. Plus-size Latina Cali Cruz has no filter as she tries to navigate life while trying to cope with tragedy. Blending I Don’t Know How She Does It’s honest portrayal of marriage and motherhood with a Fleabag like protagonist, THE BITTERSWEET SPOT provides a funny, raw, and at times, achingly sad portrayal of a woman reconciling her identity at mid-life. 

Facing personal crisis and feeling isolated, legal eagle turned stay-at-home mom Cali awkwardly tries to befriend her kids' pediatrician, but he suggests she seek “spiritual guidance” from his Catholic Church instead. While there, Cali’s drawn to the handsome priest, and the pair begin a seemingly innocent friendship. But when Cali’s father dies in a tragic accident and her husband offers no support, she finds comfort in the priest’s emails and eventually his arms. She confides in her pediatrician, who tells her she’s trying to fill the emotional void left by her father’s death. He encourages her to focus on rediscovering her own ambitions, long buried under the weight of motherhood. Motivated, Cali sets out to prove herself to herself, a decision made easier after she finds out the priest is actually married, under an obscure loophole. But, as she finally hits her stride, her husband announces he wants to relocate for a new job, and the priest ends up at her door. Cali finds herself at a crossroads: continue to follow her husband’s career, pursue her taboo attraction, or for once do what’s best for Cali.

THE BITTERSWEET SPOT provides a lighter look at perseverance in the face of pandemonium, and offers an inspiring view of marriage and motherhood beyond martyrdom. It's a comedy with moments of dramatic relief, but at its heart, it's a story about a mother learning you can love your children and love yourself.

Her second novel TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH is complete as a sequel or as a stand alone novel, and follows Cali as she continues her quest for self-actualization.


“Cheers to those that wish us well, and to those that don't may they go to Hell.”

Sandy Rogers, Julie's beloved grandmother and writing mentor


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Kevin Schmid, Julie's husband who was surprised that she actually wrote a good book

Wow. It's actually a really good book.

Christine Smith,

an Advancement Consultant and Julie's neighbor

A brilliant writer and the book is a good read. . . It's emblematic of a book that you don't want to end.

Dr. Amazing,
Julie's ride or die OB/GYN, who hopefully knows lots of women 

It was really well written and very interesting. A lot of women will relate to the difficulties of raising children and having a partner who's there but not there. I'm going to send it to every woman I know.  


her proofreader


In this book, Julie engages the reader through a deft combination of plot, characters, dialogue, descriptive passages, laugh-out-loud humor, clever grammar and formatting, and quite a few insights into the human condition. In short, Julie knows how to tell a good story.