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Notebook and Pen

Julie Calidonio

Writer Lawyer Mother

Julie Calidonio is a lawyer, writer and mother of three.  She has authored five unpublished novels that she hopes will be published. She is represented by Latoya Smith at LSC Literary Services. Check out her Mom Blog and Essays where she keeps it real about motherhood, parenthood and adulthood, and her author info below.

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Julie Calidonio

Background Story

Julie attended Duke University for undergraduate and law school. She met her husband the first day on campus, and they have been married for twenty years. They have three children, including a son living with type 1 diabetes. Julie recently went to Washington, D.C. to advocate for type 1 diabetes awareness with Congressional leaders. She’s written five unpublished novels, including a joint novel with her husband. Her blog and essays published in Scary MommyMotherly and Medium highlight her comedic yet poignant writing style. Since December, her Medium essays have received over 15,000 views. As a Latina, she’s also committed to writing stories to increase Latino representation in the publishing world. 


Her Novels

THE BITTERSWEET SPOT is Julie Calidonio's first book. After forming an unlikely friendship with her pediatrician, medical school dropout turned stay-at-home mom Cali Cruz begins a journey of self-discovery to get her life back on track, and ends up finding out that not all love stories are romances.

Her second novel TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH is complete as a sequel or as a stand alone novel, and follows Cali as she continues her quest for self-actualization and takes her relationship with her pediatrician to the next level.

Her third novel BOOK CLUB BEAUTIES is currently out on submission. It offers a unique twist on book club dynamics. In this Pitch Perfect meets Mean Girls spoof, a social media mishap ignites a smoldering rivalry between two females splintering their beloved book club, but when faced with a common enemy, can the pair put aside their egos and unite for the common good?


Julie's fourth novel JUST SAY YES is a contemporary romance. After being publicly shamed for knitting at the Super Bowl, an up-tight single veterinarian decides to take a stranger’s advice and open up to new experiences, setting her on an expected course. With a Cyrano de Bergerac spin, the novel follows two enemies as they unknowingly fall for each other, and despite their differences, decide to “just say yes” to love.

Julie and her husband, Kevin Schmid, completed a joint novel ALL OVER AGAIN. An unhappy couple on their 20th anniversary wish they never got married, and are transported back in time and learn their wedding’s been called off. To make the most of their second chance,  they agree to help each other complete their unfulfilled dreams, but end up finding their way back to each other in the process.


“Cheers to those that wish us well, and to those that don't may they go to Hell.”

Sandy Rogers, Julie's beloved grandmother and writing mentor


Thanks for submitting!


Kevin Schmid, Julie's husband who was surprised that she actually wrote a good book

Wow. It's actually a really good book.

Christine Smith,

an Advancement Consultant and Julie's neighbor

A brilliant writer and the book is a good read. . . It's emblematic of a book that you don't want to end.

Dr. Amazing,
Julie's ride or die OB/GYN, who hopefully knows lots of women 

It was really well written and very interesting. A lot of women will relate to the difficulties of raising children and having a partner who's there but not there. I'm going to send it to every woman I know.  


her proofreader


In this book, Julie engages the reader through a deft combination of plot, characters, dialogue, descriptive passages, laugh-out-loud humor, clever grammar and formatting, and quite a few insights into the human condition. In short, Julie knows how to tell a good story.

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