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Beyond the Magic: Challenging Disney’s New Disability Policy

Updated: May 24

Ignoring my son’s invisible illness doesn’t make it disappear.

This week Walt Disney World announced it changed their Disability Access Services (DAS) to now only cover those with developmental disabilities like autism.

While I recognize the importance of reining in abuse, my son lives with #type1diabetes, a disease requiring 24-7 monitoring of his blood sugar. Too high, he can go into DKA and die. Too low, he can have a seizure and die.

T1D doesn't stop because he's at Disney. He has used the DAS on many occasions when having either high or low blood sugar to help limit the impact of his disease infringing on his Disney experience.

Since I'm raising Luke to be an advocate, I wrote an open letter to CEO Bob Iger to help educate him about what living with an invisible illness like #t1d is like in hopes they change their policy.

Please read, clap and share to raise awareness.


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